Adult breastfeeding hookups

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For example, you may wonder if you'll have enough breast milk to nurse your baby if your partner also breastfeeds, especially if you struggle with your milk supply.

But, the additional stimulation at your breast can actually help you to make more breast milk.

So, except for a few circumstances when you shouldn't do it, it's OK to breastfeed your partner.

It's normal to have some concerns about breastfeeding your partner.

The Victorian distress (which has continued until today) with exposed body parts and breast-feeding wasn’t an issue at that period.

Many men suckled at their wife’s breasts during pregnancy to induce a healthy flow of milk for their expected son.

You may also get recommendations from your childbirth educator, your pregnancy and birth health care provider, your pediatric health care provider or from the community center or medical center where you gave birth.

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Sharing this intimate experience with your husband, boyfriend, or partner can be satisfying for the both of you, and it can even bring you closer together as a couple.

You can also breastfeed your baby first to be sure he or she gets a full feeding before spending time with your partner.

We see images of them plastered across shop windows and magazine covers, flashing across television screens.

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