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These allow access for adjustments to the seat tracks.

For the past six years, Liu Miaomiao has worked as a flight attendant serving thousands of travellers in China.

The 56th Fighter Wing also trains more than 700 maintenance technicians each year.

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Rowers are often called by their seat number, both by the coach and coxswain, so always be aware of your seat. Be especially careful when moving the boat, always listening to the commands of the coach and the coxswain. - There are vent hatches in both the bow and stern decks.

The coach or coxswain also will often call for groups to row according to their place in the boat; ie: bow pair or stern four. When closed they trap air; when open they allow air flow to dry out any moisture in the fore and aft compartments.

Luke Air Force Base is an active-duty F-16 Fighting Falcon training base with 170 F-16s assigned.

The host command at Luke is the 56th Fighter Wing (56 FW), under Air Education and Training Command's 19th Air Force.

In an interview with her airline's magazine in 2013, Ms Liu said: 'When I first started flying, I saw my cabin manager smiling all the time. I wondered how she could always smile when she was asked to do perform tasks.'But now I have managed to train myself to do that too because this is my job.'In the same interview, Ms Liu also revealed that she was once an 'ill tempered', 'shy' and 'stubborn' girl.Additionally, rowers need to be aware of which side they are rowing, whether port or starboard as rowing commands are often given by side, such as "check it on port". It is the responsibility of the coxswain and bow seat to close the deck vents.There are often vent hatch covers under the seats also.It is also about 15 miles (24 km) west of Phoenix, Arizona.Luke AFB is a major training base of the Air Education and Training Command (AETC), training pilots in the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

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