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He had a Commodore 64 that he would program to do all sorts of stuff, like have words on a screen...and, uh, maybe some blocky graphics?As you can tell, it didn't mean much to me at the time, but the point was I at least knew what a computer was in 1985.It was primitive, by modern standards: Only five people could chat at once, and their messages displayed letter-by-letter as they typed.But at the time, Talkomatic was something of a revelation.However, it wouldn't be until 10 years later that I would grasp the concept of its ties to the technological wonder that was and is, the internet.

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In a time before universal cell phone ownership, this was a pretty serious inconvenience.

In October 2014, the Washington Post published a piece by Caitlin Dewey, A complete history of the rise and fall — and reincarnation!

— of the beloved ’90s chatroom Dewey observes that it’s an odd time for Facebook to launch its new Rooms app, since over the past few years AOL, Yahoo, and MSN have been shutting down their realtime text chat features.

Once upon a time, our parents didn't have a clue what we were doing online.

The internet was a new and exciting place, and it seemed like a safe and inpenetrable fortress of unsupervised mischief.

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