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What was probably my most memorable boyhood enema experience was the time I was tricked into preparing my own enema solution.

The whole thing started out like most of my enemas did.

Maintain position until urge to evacuate is strong (usually 2 to 5 minutes).

A small amount of liquid will remain in bottle after squeezing). Discontinue use if resistance is encountered, forcing the enema can result in injury.

Still not sure I'm going through with one, but if so I'll reference this article again!However, this is normally the last resort for constipation treatment. Dosage Warning: Using more than one enema in 24 hours can be harmful.I especially like urine, castile soap, salt water, coffee, Coke, or milk enemas. what do other people like to do while holding an ene.me?Coffee, Coke, and milk enemas are not much different from ordinary clear or soapy water enemas. i like to surf around on the internet or play some games and see how far i can make it/ complete...

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