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Sometimes it’s an appearance concern, excess weight, failed or never begun relationship with the person they’re catfishing, fear of being judged for a disability, age, or location concern.Secret Number One: Producers Already Know The very first “Catfish” documentary happened more or less as it was shown…Terrace ages suggest the area is comprised of discrete crustal blocks with differing uplift chronologies.

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Well, if you’re like most people, you didn’t learn the modern meaning of the word Catfish until it happened to you, someone close to you, or you watched an episode of “Catfish” on MTV- a show which exposes the increasingly less underground world of catfish and online scammers.

When it comes to the Catfish “caught” by the show’s hosts, Max Joseph and Nev Schulman, Catfish are often diverse in age, demographics, gender, and reasoning.

Many have self esteem issues, which explains the act of hiding behind a computer.

Incredibly, Cheryl (let's be honest, her outfit isn't exactly stellar) dug him enough to choose him as her date.

And 28 years later, Geoff reappeared to celebrate the career of Cilla Black in a show hosted by Paul O'Grady.8.

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