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It went from a simple massager, to the best ally of the adult entertainment industry worldwide.

The best and most recognized adult actresses of the planet have found an exclusive channel of indefinite pleasure in the powerful vibrations of the Hitachi, and our own webcam models, cannot escape of this.

A new pleasure weapon, whose alternative functionality was discovered almost “by accident” has become the best vibrator in the world, according to the opinion of actresses, housewives, webcam models and all the women who have tried its power, the Rpm of this fabulous device has positioned it for several years as “The Cadillac of the vibrators”.

Meet the Original Hitachi Magic Wand The Original Magic Wand, as it is currently known, is an electric massager vibrator, created in the 70s by the Japanese giant Hitachi, for the sole purpose of grooving and relieving muscle tension through contact with body areas affected by stress, exercise and other daily activities.

The Hitachi measures about one feet long and weighs a little bit more than one pound; has a rubber tip specifically designed for muscle and nerve stimulation, capable of generating a sense of relief to the areas affected by exhaustion.

I pictured beneath me my afternoon’s study—well-hung deliverymen tendering their mouths to the crotches of housewives, webcam punk girls—swirling & tumbling in the hard drive’s drain hole.

I wanted, yes,to forget his sexless marriage, my parents’ slow dying together in Ohio. Its working class clocking in to swing shifts at Marion Steel.

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