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The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story© TM Lucasfilm LTD movies features characters who are ordinary people that are tasked with doing extraordinary things.

The Kleenex brand knows that we can all do the extraordinary by showing those around us that we care with gestures big and small, like sharing a I know that in my family, spending quality time together is the easiest way that we care about one another.

From there it was more schooling at the Colorado Media School, 5 years in network radio and now here, my DREAM job.

Somehow, Dory and her cute little orange sidekick hadn’t made it into our family movie night rotation even though with them until we’d watched the original movie together which means we missed the chance to see it in theaters but Christmastime gave us the much-needed downtime with no school or afternoon activities in which to settle in together as a family and experience both movies together.

You can get the Kleenex® Finding Dory Tissue Box Designs used in this craft at your local BJ’s Wholesale Club (find a location here).

The tissues come in a convenient 12-box package which is more than enough to get even my large family through cold and flu season (and have some left over for crafting!

Either way Eric’s a little safer now that I’m a mom and spend a lot of my time doting on my baby girls Maddie and Paige with my hubby – Jason.

(I also have my hands full keeping my mom, Mama D, out of jail – true story).

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