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It all kicked off shortly after Morgan appeared on to perform his signature maneuver: taking an ostensibly reasonable position and then insisting on it with such superiority and lack of nuance that hardly anyone could resist arguing it. (It was a fair point on both sides: The celebs of were always at dubious levels of fame, and in all honesty, neither Morgan nor Omarosa was what most people would characterize as a celebrity at that point.) Morgan barreled past the objection without blinking. And he got there by telling someone she wasn’t famous.

Done correctly, the maneuver leads to many people shouting angrily at one another about something vaguely topical, which is more or less “D’you know, my argument against you has always been, you’re not a celebrity,” he said, as the camera pushed in on Omarosa’s shocked and wounded face. Twitter allows Morgan to reenact that kind of power play over and over again. That’s why Morgan was still tweeting about Rowling a week after their feud began, while Rowling hasn’t mentioned Morgan since Valentine’s Day.

We think he is completely admirable for sticking to his guns.

Morgan responded to Rowling, saying he'd never read a word of her uber-popular fantasy series.

By the time things wound down, they had taken the war to cable news and brought Chelsea Clinton, At its heart, though, the Rowling/Morgan feud is a culture clash not so much between liberal and conservative ideologies but between two different kinds of celebrity: celebrity based on depersonalized work (Rowling’s -created fame) and celebrity based on personality (talk-show fixture Morgan’s curated persona).

It all started when Morgan, a former CNN host and judge on Former CNN host Piers Morgan faced off with Australian comic Jim Jefferies on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, saying Trump's executive order is "not a Muslim ban and sparking Rowling's Twitter wrath.

Rowling sparred back and forth over American politics Friday and Saturday after Rowling expressed her satisfaction at a talk show clip in which Morgan had an expletive directed at him.

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