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group_id=3765But the author of this package doesn’t recommend to use this package(Even he himself uses Kevin Esler’s ( see a backend to is available at I always “ct setview my-view-name” before run emacs, ‘cause don’t know find out how to see my dynamic view without this.

Then if i need to change dynamic-view then i exit emacs and do “ct setview my-another-view-name” and rerun emacs. I tried menu “tools , setting a view while running emacs wouldn’t be possible and even confusion.

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Kevin Esler (esler(at)rational.com) maintains clearcase.el, a frontend to Rational’s Clear Case, available at: Clear Case/. Anyone know where it went the versions below are very old.

I used the above link in Sept 2014 with these lines: (defconst clearcase-version-stamp “Clear Case-version: ”) (defconst clearcase-version (substring clearcase-version-stamp 19))Is there anything more recent? It looks like as if (at least) January 2005, Kevin Esler’s has been merged into the XEmacs main branch: can also get it from the XEmacs package directory at ftp://ftp.OR You can download this at :

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