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Nicknamed Uncle Sam's Men and Eskimo Scouts, the volunteer members stepped in to watch over the 586,000-square-mile territory, which was vulnerable to further attack with the National Guard pressed into federal service. The militia disbanded with little fanfare in 1947, almost two years after the war ended.

But members were not formally recognized by the Army as military veterans until 2004.

These must be "reconstructed" using research and other records that weren't destroyed by fire.

Next-of-kin doing military records searches are the ones usually affected by issues like these.

Medals awarded while in active service are issued by the individual military services if requested by Veterans or their next of kin.

He served as a combat cameraman in Britain, rose to the rank of major, and eventually was furloughed to Fort Roach, as the First Motion Picture Unit headquarters came to be known.Steyr-Pistole M 12; Nazi marked Browning Hi power and an artillery Luger. We will accept CDs, DVDs or good copies of wartime prints (though we prefer originals).There are regulations about mailing weapons and we are happy to assist you. Yes, especially the Mauser for Mountain troops G33/40; naturally an FG42 would be super; a volks sturm rifle; K98 sniper rifles with optics, G-41s, last ditch VG (Volkssturmgewehre) rifles; Contract VZ-24 Rifle (Czechoslovakian); Manchurian Model 98 Mauser; Last Ditch rifles 1944-45 (National Rifle for Civilian Defense; Grenade Discharging Rifle); any Japanese Sniper Rifles with optics (Type 38,97,99 etc.); Tokarev SVT-40, issued extensively by Germany; and any Japanese Paratroop Rifles. Wartime ephemera such as brochures, postcards, leaflets, programs, theater tickets and souvenirs will be placed in our archival collection and treated as artifacts. Photocopies, low-quality copies and internet printouts are generally not suitable library donations on their own—only as backup personal information. We are seeking ration book covers manufactured by private companies such as banks and others.For today's service members, tracking down a copy of a DD Form 214 isn't difficult, it's a matter of either contacting the orderly room at the last assignment in the case of recent retirements or separations, or sending a request to the National Archives in St. Anyone serving after World War II who has retired, completely separated or has died should have records at the NPRC. A fire in 1973 destroyed a large number of military service records, including the DD214 paperwork for Army personnel who received discharges between November 1, 1912 and January 1, 1960.Louis, Missouri if the service member's military records have already been sent to their final disposition in St. Those serving prior to WWII may have their records stored at the National Archives and Records Administration, Old Military and Civil Records Branch in Washington D. About 80 percent of the records for these people were lost in the fire.

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