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One in 10 of us are putting ourselves at risk by being so distracted by our gadgets that we admit to not watching where we are going when crossing the road.

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The Child Protection and Development Centre staff have a regular monthly travel schedule, reaching out not only to Pattaya slum areas but also to nearby communities.

When extrapolated nationwide, the survey suggests that more than 3.2 million have dropped a gadget down the toilet; 2.8 million have dropped a gadget in a drink or spilt liquid all over it and 2.4 million have dropped a gadget in a puddle.

Incredibly, it suggests 122,000 British mobile phone users have dropped one off a cliff.

In each case, York said he found sufficient evidence that the crimes were committed to send them to the grand jury for a possible indictment.

A seventh member of the alleged sex ring, Randall "Scott" Wood, is also charged in this recent round of allegations, although he was not scheduled to be in court on Thursday.

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