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Hotel receptionists, shop assistants, even car park attendants regard me with suspicion. But even if you don't, as I have, broadcast your bankruptcy, those one in ten of us who live in the red and on our nerves exist in a twilight world where every move, every thought, is ruled by how close you are to that magic number: your agreed limit. First of all, just how much of a financial hole am I in?Your relationship with your overdraft (is the cash machine cross? It is all consuming, a dirty, hungry weight around your neck that saps your strength. I tell you the following in the hope your own money worries will seem delightfully trivial, a mere blackhead.The Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’s Facebook page https://fref=ts provides just a flavour of how much the disabled people we help have been upset by her article, and how furious they are with the Mail for publishing it.I also owe £19,000, £10,000, £1,000 and £12,000 (please don't make me add them all up) on various credit cards, a £50,000 bank loan and a mortgage so huge I can't bring myself to write it down.

In an article about disabled workers published in yesterday’s paper, a photo on the article showed a dog wearing an official Hearing Dogs jacket. I have four, actually, all trained to create a commotion if my fire alarm goes off.We could see her as a brilliant creator of a ditsy comic persona who ends up being the butt of every joke and on the wrong end of every story.That's comforting, because it means no-one gets hurt if we slag her off, because we're essentially just finishing off the effacing that she's already started; and besides, it's just a character, rather than a human being in these columns, maybe with elements of truth and elements of fiction. Let's assume that the Liz Jones who appears in print is not some confection or caricature, and that every word is true.But I suppose this kind of overly sweeping statement gets people irritated by the way in which it reduces a whole generation of women into deceptive sperm-harvesting condom raiders, man-milk snatchers on a mission to get themselves up the duff by any means necessary.On the other hand, there's more than one way to look at Liz Jones.

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